Bathroom Remodeling Made Easy!

Sometimes you do not need an entire bathroom remodel.

Sometimes you can’t take off of work long enough to do a full bathroom remodel.

Sometimes you want your project completed by a reputable company.

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We have helped hundreds of homeowners across Long Island take their bathrooms from broken to beautiful. Call us with your bathroom issues, we will send someone over who will show you how we can help get your bathroom repaired, a lot of the time in 1 day. Our “1 Day Super Bath Remodel”. These pictures are some of the 1 day super bath remodels we have completed. Some companies cover or go over your existing bathroom with cheap thin plastic. Not us.

The “1 day super bath remodel.” With this project we remodel your tub or shower stall leaving the rest of the bathroom intact. 1st we remove the tile surrounding your tub or shower, then we remove the tub and we remove the shower body. These all get bagged up and carted away. Then we install a new quality hybrid steel tub with a new trip lever and new trap. Then, we install a new delta shower body. Next we install the cement board, sheetrock, and finally we tile and grout.


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We make this seem simple on paper. And that is because we have done this exact job hundreds of times. This project a lot of the time can be completed in 1 day. With this “1 day Super Bath Remodel” we also provide a free toilet installation, so if your toilet is old just have a new toilet waiting or ask us to pick it up for you and while we are doing the tub we will replace your toilet for you at no additional charge.

We have made hundreds of happy customers who have cried with happiness when we were done. Additionally sometimes there are easy solutions to creating a new bathroom with minimal dust, and time. While we are doing a 1 day super bath remodel, if you decide to replace the toilet, you are only 2 steps away from a new bathroom. All that is left is the vanity and floor and with the correct option usually can be replaced the same day.

Give us a call and let’s see what we can do!


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