What’s the Difference Between Repiping and Repairing Your Line?

You will only need a repair if a small portion of the existing pipe or valves are cracked or corroded.

However, we suggest repiping if you are experiencing these problems:

  • Substantial leaking
  • Blockages
  • Severe corrosion
  • Leaking under a slab

If you have an attic where the pipes are exposed and run through the walls, it may be easier to repair any leaking lines; but if the affected pipes are leaking under a slab, it is better to invest in repiping. Once plumbing lines start to leak under a slab, it will lead to further cracks and leaks in the pipeline. In this situation, we will repipe the whole line and move the pipes to the attic and walls, where they are easier to access.

To better gauge whether you need repiping or a repair, we will use a video camera to inspect your piping. This inspection allows us to see the inside condition of your pipes and where the major problems have developed.


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